Since mid-2018 FES is providing capacity strengthening and engagement of civil society organizations, policy makers, public servants, members of Parliament and other interested stakeholders for their contribution towards realization of social protection, good governance, decentralization and citizen participation programs in addition to discussing on issues critical to sustainable development workshops, conferences and seminars of relevant stakeholders.

FES is working closely with the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) to conduct evidence-based research after approval by the concerned institutions. FES is making its international network available for sharing expertise, knowledge, best practices, experiences and lessons learnt on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in areas within the mandate of the Ministry of Local Government.

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Latest News & Activities

09.04.2020 | News

"If you sustain yourself, you sustain others and the environment, you will sustain the World”

This was one of the key messages of Salvatrice Musabyeyezu, Program Officer of FES Rwanda

“What Sustainability is, was discussed on April the 3rd...

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27.03.2020 | News

Workshop on Climate Change, Social and Environment Protection – for Trade Unions!

Mid-March 2020, FES Rwanda in partnership with SENJOUSMEL conducted a two-days’ workshop on the basics of environmental protection and climate change.

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11.03.2020 | News

2nd edition of the UN Women + FES Rwanda Gender Café. Theme :“Social Norms and Gender stereotypes: How can societies overcome them?”

The Gender Café is a dialogue platform about Gender related topics and is organized by UN Women Rwanda in partnership with the...

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06.03.2020 | News

"March Edition of the Friday Breakfast on Economy and Regional Integration”

Topic: The ILO into the Second Century: African Perspectives on Innovation, Social Justice and the Future of Work.

«Les droits des travailleurs...

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27.02.2020 | News

Open Society Project, KIGALI DEBATE on Good Governance and Social Protection

On Thursday, 27th of February 2020, From 11.00am – 2.00pm / at IRDP office, the “Kigali Debate” on the topic

“Decentralization, Local Engagement and...

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27.02.2020 | News

FES-RWANDA : Formation de neuf mois aux 24 jeunes Rwandais

FES (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) est une fondation d’origine Allemagne, d’où elle tire son nom, on dirait le premier président allemand dont Friedrich...

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21.02.2020 | News

La Fondation FES lance un renforcement des capacités en leadership pour 24 jeunes Rwandais durant neuf mois

Kigali, 21 Fév. (ARI) - La Fondation allemande FES (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) branche du Rwanda lance un renforcement des capacités en leadership pour...

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20.02.2020 | News


Open call for participation : EJO SUSTAINABILITY BOOTCAMP (in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Kigali) on Tuesday, 24th and Wednesday 25th of...

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12.02.2020 | News

February Friday Breakfast (in cooperation with EPRN) on a Wednesday: Which role plays E-commerce in East-Africa?

This special edition of the Friday Breakfast took place on Wednesday, 12th of February. In cooperation with EPRN Rwanda, the FES Rwanda hosted...

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30.01.2020 | News

Open Society Project, KIGALI DEBATE on Good Governance and Social Protection.

Together with the Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP), the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Rwanda held this year’s first “Kigali Debate on...

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