Since mid-2018 FES is providing capacity strengthening and engagement of civil society organizations, policy makers, public servants, members of Parliament and other interested stakeholders for their contribution towards realization of social protection, good governance, decentralization and citizen participation programs in addition to discussing on issues critical to sustainable development workshops, conferences and seminars of relevant stakeholders.

FES is working closely with the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) to conduct evidence-based research after approval by the concerned institutions. FES is making its international network available for sharing expertise, knowledge, best practices, experiences and lessons learnt on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in areas within the mandate of the Ministry of Local Government.

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Latest News & Activities

29.01.2020 | News

Information Session for the Young Citizen Training Program (YCTP) Rwanda 2020

"There is nothing for young people without youth engagement", under this motto the information session for the new “Young Citizen Training Program”...

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20.01.2020 | News

January Friday Breakfast (in cooperation with EPRN): The upcoming Economic Trends in 2020: – What should we expect?

The new decade has started optimistically. Nevertheless, some economists are sceptical about the worldwide trends and the economic and social...

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07.01.2020 | News


The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Rwanda (FES) is initiating a residential capacity building program (full scholarship) for young professionals known as...

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08.11.2019 | News

"Brexit is coming" The topic discussed during our Friday Breakfast on "Economy and Regional Integration”

FES Rwanda together with EPRN Rwanda, organized a Friday Breakfast and discussed about the "Coming Brexit" and questions like; What could be the...

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23.10.2019 | News

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Rwanda and UN Women officially launched the Gender Cafés

UN Women and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Rwanda officially launches the 'Gender Cafes' programs Under the theme of 'Positive Masculinity' in a bid to...

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04.10.2019 | News

Official Opening of the Exhibition From the Peaceful Revolution to German Unification

Friedrich-Ebert Foundation Rwanda in partnership with the Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany and the Federal...

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24.09.2019 | News

Living in a Changing World : How can Societies Contribute to Sustainable Development?

Two weeks ago, FES Rwanda hosted an event at which Wolfgang Huber, the former chairman of the Protestant Church in Germany, shared his view on...

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02.09.2019 | News

La Journée Africaine de l’Intégration sera commémorée chaque 07 Juillet sur le continent

La Journée Africaine de l’Intégration sera commémorée chaque 07 Juillet sur le continent conformément à la décision en Juillet dernier du Sommet de...

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22.08.2019 | News

National Unity and Reconciliation Commission received a delegation from Madagascar

On 21st August, National Unity and Reconciliation Commission received Youth Leadership Training Programme (YLTP) participants from Madagascar on a...

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01.08.2019 | News


Clean and orderly, not a plastic bag that trailed or misplaced display, it was the impressions that hit the participants during their journey that...

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